Aber Falls Whisky




80 (40.0% ABV)




Aber Falls single malt Welsh whisky is a remarkable product of the first whisky distillery in North Wales in over a century. This fruity and spicy single malt carries a historical significance, representing a revival of the whisky-making tradition in this part of Wales. It stands as a testament to the region’s rich distilling heritage.

The nose is filled with an array of enticing aromas. Vanilla, toffee, candied orange, fig, sultana, and clove all come together to create a complex and multi-layered fragrance. This aromatic profile sets the stage for the flavors that are about to unfold.

The palate reveals notes of sherry-soaked raisins, forest fruits, dried fruit, creamy malt, walnuts, and dark chocolate. These flavors complement each other perfectly, creating a well-rounded and balanced tasting experience. The diverse range of flavors makes Aber Falls single malt a truly memorable whisky.

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