Deanston Virgin Oak Whisky



92.6 (46.3% ABV)




The Deanston 12 year whisky is characterized by a smooth and creamy sweetness, punctuated with hints of fruit, a malty honeyed spiciness, and soft vanilla. This crisp whisky concludes with a satisfying tingle of cloves, rounding off the tasting experience with a distinctive touch.

The whisky’s profile also boasts the aroma of fresh hays of summer, malty cereal, rich creamy toffee, and honeyed heather. This captivating scent profile is balanced with the sweetness of oak and barley sugar, adding an extra layer of complexity.

On the palate, this whisky continues to impress with its smooth creamy sweetness. The sumptuous hints of fruit and malty honeyed spiciness are ever-present, complemented by the soft undertones of vanilla. With every sip, it provides a well-rounded and indulgent whisky experience.

Heady virgin oak, bursting with lemon zest and sweet barley sugar, with delicious notes of apple and nutmeg.

A delightful sweetness, evoking memories of candied fruits and vanilla toffee, balanced with heather honey.

A satisfying light spice, with a rewarding burst of honeyed malt and sweet oakiness.

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