Double Eagle Very Rare



101 (50.5% ABV)


Double Eagle Very Rare is a highly exclusive 20-year-old bourbon whiskey. It has matured for twice as long as the standard Eagle Rare 10-year-old bourbon, justifying its name. The Double Eagle decanter, which houses this extraordinary bourbon, features two artfully crafted crystal glass eagles, adding to its allure.

This bourbon is more than just a drink; it’s a true collectors’ item. Double Eagle Very Rare is presented in a decadent silver box and an exquisite crystal decanter. These embellishments enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, making it a striking addition to any collection.

The rarity of Double Eagle Very Rare cannot be overstated. Its production was extremely limited, with only a small number of bottles ever made. To mark its exclusivity, each bottle comes with an individually-numbered letter of authenticity, further cementing its status as a highly sought-after collectible.

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