E. H. Taylor, Jr. 18 Year Marriage



18 Years


100 (50.0% ABV)


Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., fondly remembered as the founding father of the modern bourbon industry, was known for his unwavering commitment to crafting superior bourbon. His meticulous attention to detail and passion for innovation were central to this pursuit. His relentless drive for perfection led to revolutionary changes in the industry, with many of his techniques still being utilized today.

This unique bourbon is a blend of barrels from three distinct mashbills, all of which have matured for eighteen years. The mix includes two different rye bourbon mashbills and a wheated bourbon mashbill. This marriage of bourbon mashbills results in a magnificent whiskey that offers a nose of vanilla butter cake.

The palate of this bourbon is rich with notes of caramel and cinnamon, culminating in a long finish of toasted oak, cinnamon, and a hint of spearmint. It stands as a true testament to Taylor’s pursuit of perfection and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of whiskey production. This exceptional bourbon truly honors its namesake’s legacy.

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