E. H. Taylor, Jr. Amaranth



100 (50.0% ABV)


In the 19th century, Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., a revered figure in the bourbon industry, was renowned for his fervor for crafting the world’s finest whiskey. This bourbon pays tribute to Taylor’s enduring spirit of innovation and his unwavering commitment to producing exceptional whiskey. The unique introduction of Amaranth as the flavoring grain is testament to this dedication.

Amaranth, a grain originally cultivated by the Aztecs, is also known as the “Grain of the Gods.” It bears similarities to wheat but boasts a complex taste profile. The flavors it imparts are subtle yet diverse, ranging from an initial nose of butterscotch and spearmint to a finishing hint of pecans and dark berries.

The term ‘Amaranth’ roughly translates to “never fading”, a phrase that aptly mirrors the enduring legacy of Colonel Taylor. As the founding father of the modern bourbon industry, his influence continues to be felt, much like the enduring flavor of the Amaranth grain within this exceptional bourbon.

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