E. H. Taylor, Jr. Cured Oak



100 (50.0% ABV)




In the 19th century, Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. set a high bar in the whiskey industry with his commitment to exceptional standards. From selecting quality grains to using the finest barrels for aging, Taylor’s passion was centered on creating the world’s best whiskey.

E.H. Taylor Cured Oak Bourbon is a product of this legacy. The bourbon is aged inside oak barrels constructed with staves that have been cured for 13 months, which is more than double the curing time for typical barrel staves. This extended curing process draws out the rich characteristics embedded deep within the wood.

These barrels were aged inside Warehouse C, a prime aging warehouse built by Colonel Taylor himself in 1881. As a limited edition release, this bourbon embodies great character, serving as a fitting tribute to the man who would settle for nothing less than excellence.

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