Evan Williams 1783


90 (45.0% ABV)




Evan Williams 1783 is crafted using the traditional Evan Williams Bourbon recipe. The aroma is buttery, with hints of oak, vanilla, and sweet corn. This combination makes for a rich and smooth sensory experience.

The bourbon pays homage to the year Evan Williams established Kentucky’s First Distillery, 1783. It is a Small Batch variant, pulled from fewer than 200 barrels. Its distinctive features include an oaky vanilla, sautéed butter, and sweet corn flavor profile.

The taste is semi-sweet, characterized by an oaky and honeyed flavor. The finish is lean, off-dry, and regal, making Evan Williams 1783 a refined choice for bourbon enthusiasts.

Oaky vanilla, sautéed butter, and sweet corn

Semi-sweet, oaky, and honeyed

Lean, off-dry, and regal