Four Roses Bourbon




5 Years


80 (40.0% ABV)




Four Roses Bourbon is a symphony of intricate flavors that combine to give it its distinct character. The initial hints of corn and vanilla make for a warm and welcoming introduction. These flavors are beautifully complimented by floral aromas, resulting in a complex yet balanced profile.

The overall experience is further elevated by the infusion of subtle mint and spice notes. These elements augment its simple and mellow nature, culminating in a unique, long and soft finish. With an alcohol content of 80 proof, it is exceptional for concocting sophisticated, contemporary mixed drinks.

This bourbon doesn’t shy away from its fruity and floral scents. These fragrances are subtly enhanced by occasional hints of gentle spice and honey. On the palate, it is crisp, soft and smooth with delicious touches of fresh fruit such as apple and pear. Its finish, much like its personality, is soft, prolonged, and pleasant – a testament to its well-crafted production.

Fruity and floral scents with hints of gentle spice and honey.

Crisp, soft and smooth on the palate with touches of fresh fruit, apple and pear.

Soft, long and pleasant finish.

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