Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon




7-9 Years


100 (50.0% ABV)




Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon is a harmonious blend of complex and full-bodied flavors, yet it remains impressively smooth. Its finish is delicate, long, and unbelievably mellow, leaving a lasting impression on your palate. The bourbon unfolds with hints of ripe plum and cherry, accompanied by a symphony of fruity and spicy aromas that include herbs and cocoa. It’s perfect to enjoy neat or over ice. This bourbon presents a fresh profile, subtly nutty and reminiscent of fine wine, with notes of malt-rye adding a touch of sweetness. It offers a dense and mouth-filling experience on the palate, with flavors of caramel, vanilla, and raisins, complemented by a dash of charred oak and coffee. The overall sweetness rounds out the experience, leading to a fairly long and pleasing linger.

Fresh, lightly nutty and winey. Notes of malt-rye sweetness.

Denser and mouth-filling on the palate. Notes of caramel, vanilla, raisins, a hint of a charred oak and coffee.

Sweet. Fairly long, nice and lingering.

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