Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon




6-7 Years


104 (52.0% ABV)




Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon is an offering that’s as premium as they come, a meticulously crafted spirit born from a blend of six unique barrels. Each barrel is distinguished by its distinct mash build and yeast varietal, contributing to the robust, full-bodied profile of this exceptional bourbon. Despite its robustness, it retains an unexpected smoothness, a testament to the precision and skill involved in its creation.

The moment it hits your senses, you’re enveloped by a rich bouquet of toasted oak, red berries, and caramel, juxtaposed with a potent undercurrent of ethanol. As it dances on your palate, it unfurls with a symphony of flavors. There’s the succulence of ripe red fruits and the rich sweetness of caramel, but there’s also a tantalizing hint of citrus and a whisper of vanilla that adds to its complexity.

Its finish is a masterpiece in its own right – delicate, extended, and remarkably mellow. It lingers, medium to long, and ultimately wraps up with a final note of toasted oak. This bourbon is more than just a drink; it’s an unforgettable sensory experience.

Toasted oak, red berries and caramel nose with a strong ethanol aroma.

Flavors of red fruit and caramel with citrusy notes and a touch of vanilla.

Medium to long finish with a toasted oak exit.

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