The Glenlivet 21 Year Old



21 Years


86 (43.0% ABV)


The Glenlivet 21 Year Old is a precious expression that has been meticulously crafted. The whisky is selectively finished across three distinct casks – first-fill Oloroso Sherry, Tronçais Oak Cognac, and Colheita Vintage Port. This process introduces additional layers of depth to The Glenlivet’s iconic smooth and fruity house style.

Luscious notes of caramelized pears and juicy sultanas dance together in harmony, accompanied by the fragrant aroma of nutmeg and warming cinnamon, courtesy of the Cognac cask influence. These complex flavors create an enticing bouquet that invites a deeper exploration of this distinguished spirit.

Upon tasting, the palate is greeted with a complex, fruity, and spicy profile, featuring notes of dried apricots and chocolate-coated ginger. The finish of this prestigious expression is long and rich, resonating with warming spices. The Glenlivet 21 Year Old is truly an experience of indulgence in every sip.

Caramelized pears and juicy peaches. Spicy notes of cinnamon and fragrant nutmeg

Complex, fruity and spicy with notes of dried apricots, juicy sultanas and chocolate-coated ginger

Long and rich with warming spice

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