Old Forester 100 Proof Bourbon


100 (50.0% ABV)




Old Forester 100 Proof Bourbon makes an impression with its rich, deep nose that is layered with fresh cornmeal and cocoa. As a full-bodied bourbon, it delivers abundant flavors of sweet cornbread, cinnamon, and dark chocolate. These are beautifully balanced by notes of mint and fresh leather, all carried on a wave of corn and vanilla. Powerful yet refined, this bourbon stands out.

This particular bourbon is a favorite among bartenders, and the 100 proof is a tribute to the legacy of founder George Garvin Brown. His signature graced every bottle, and this bourbon is certainly one that would still earn his approval today. Old Forester 100 proof is handpicked from select barrels, resulting in a rich, complex bourbon.

With a flavor profile that is spicy and robust, it’s bottled at 100 proof to maintain its distinct character and full flavor. The taste is strong, sweet coffee intertwined with chocolate, creamy butterscotch, and a hint of liquorice. Notes of ripe apple and other sweet fruits mingle with bakery spices like clove and nutmeg, and toasted oak. The finish is sweet and light, with lingering hints of oak and apple.

Strong, sweet coffee laced with chocolate, creamy butterscotch and a hint of liquorice.

Ripe apple and other sweet fruit, bakery spice (clove and nutmeg), and toasted oak.

Sweet and light, with hints of oak and apple that linger a bit.